Building bold brands to
stand out from the pack.

Branding - Banner

At Icy Mango, branding means everything. It’s how you stand out. It’s what your audience falls in love with and ultimately, it’s what makes you matter. Every decision you make, from how you lead and the story you tell, enriches or undermines a brand’s success. We take a comprehensive approach to branding to create brands that emotionally charge your audience and help you win in your market.

Branding - Graphics Design

Graphic Design

Visual communication in the form of good graphic design will bring another dimension to your marketing.
We give clients clean, consistent and visually stimulating graphic design to enhance their brand, services and products.


Product Design

We can help select the right style of package for your product, create stunning branded graphics, write the perfect message that will attract your target audience, and print your package. 

We create a packaging design that makes you stand out and sell more.


Garment Design

We design your custom clothing to make a statement that gets your brand noticed. We can print on a variety of different garments to suit your requirements.